(((Zuckerberg)))’s Presidential Campaign Off to a Rocky Start

While we all know Mark (((Zuckerberg))) has considered running for president. This time it looks like it may be for real.

(((Zuckerberg))) has begun surrounding himself with political advisors including Joel Benson, Hillary Clinton’s former chief strategist.

Reaction to this development has been quick with Sabo, a right wing street artist, posting signs around Los Angeles that read, “Fuck Zuck 2020” with hands that looks similar to the like button on Facebook only these hands are displaying the middle finger.

While Cuckerberg may be considering running for president the ranks of the alt-right will fight him tooth and nail with another great meme war as they did with Clinton. It is still unclear whether (((Zuckerberg))) will run as an independent, Democrat, or if he will even run at all.

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