Trump’s Job Numbers Have Sent the Left into a Frenzy

On August 4, 2017 the Trump administration released a series of reports. In July alone, the US economy added over 203,000 jobs. Trump policies have created over a million jobs while unemployment fell to just 4.3%. In a free labor market with normal job changes, that’s full employment.

“The economy is looking pretty good,” said Cathy Barrera, chief economic adviser at ZipRecruiter, the job posting site.

It’s a huge success, yet the media continues to slander Trump with headlines such asĀ Trump takes credit for strong U.S. job numbers, low unemployment. The article disregards the job gains in the private sector because it might make Trump look good.

The leftist media had a meltdown over Trump’s job report tweet: “GOP trolls Obama on his birthday — with tweet about Trump’s job numbers.” But you know what? Maybe having internet trolls in the GOP isn’t such a bad thing. I mean it kills establishment Republicans to admit 4chan and their “meme war” helped Trump win the presidency. Maybe the GOP is starting to take plays out of the GamerGate play book. Check it out.

All I can say is maybe those in the GOP can learn a thing or two from Trump. the President’s use of Twitter to rebut fake news really works. Trump continues to get his message out, even as the “RAAAAAACCCCCIIIIISTS” smear amps up in the mainstream media.

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