Schools treat kids like boys and girls. Liberals bewildered.

A new “study” from the University of Michigan discovers a shocking fact. 

I find heteronormativity permeates preschool classrooms, where teachers construct (and occasionally disrupt) gendered sexuality in a number of different ways, and children reproduce (and sometimes resist) these identities and norms in their daily play.

Well, yes. Social norms are social constructs, obviously. But they are not designed by anyone. They arise from our natural needs for getting along, cooperating, and discriminating the advantageous from disadvantageous.

Social norms are analogous to a language grammar. Grammar usage is not designed but emerges from the needs of the people who communicate together. Social norms, like grammar, help people determine what is meaningful and what is nonsense, what is happening to whom, and so on.

The social grammar is essentialist. That is it posits that things have essences, that things have properties without which they would cease to be that thing. An animal without the potential for a rational faculty would not be a man. A being with a rational faculty but not a body, would not be a man.

One can argue that essences are not necessary. Perhaps. But they are necessary to communicate. And insofar as we want to communicate, we must impute essences to things.

The Left is about transgressing norms. They expect to liberate man from his moral shell and allow true freedom. What actually happens is a general overturning of the very notion of essence in human relations. And not only an overturning, but a moral imperative to overturn them. Eventually, this leads to blatant lies about plainly observable facts.

A boy with a penis is thought by the Left to be a girl, simply because the boy chooses to transgress the social grammar. An advocate of limited constitutional democracy is fascist, simply because he doesn’t want single payer health care.

We are left with nothing to argue, as the language that expresses the social grammar is helpless in the face of such insane equivocation. All we can do is point, and say, “Look it’s a boy, can’t you see that?”

I point at Ms. Gansen’s vagina. See?

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