Blacks Storm House In Alabama and Murder Two Inhabitants

On July 23, 2017 two black men entered a house near Piedmont Alabama and killed two white men. The crazed negroids beat and shot a grandfather and grandson, Joshua Dylan Moody, 23, and Travis Frost, 73. Travis Frost’s wife, was in the house and managed to hide while her family was slaughtered by diversity.

The negroid murderers stole the family’s Nissan Altima which was found some distance from the house, crashed and burned.

If this had been a black family slain by two white men this story would have been the international news story of the decade. Because the victims where white. The mainstream mainstream media chose to cover the story like an everyday crime.

If you are white and a victim of a crime committed by a visible minority, your story will not make the national news cycle. This is no different than the white genocide being perpetrated in South Africa. Perhaps you’ve not heard of that? The mainstream media cover that up too.

Anytime a black or other visible minority is killed by a white person, the media is quick to report and claim racism. Where is the honesty on the other side of this issue?

Black on white crime, which is most violent crime, doesn’t fit the Cathedral narrative: whites are genocidal conquerers who seek nothing but the blood of minorities. Without this narrative the Democrat party and the globalists would lack a platform to maintain their anti-nationalist propaganda campaign.

What will you do? Will you let the globalists cover up the wholesale slaughter of your fellow citizens?

We will not allow white genocide. We will secure a future for white children.

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By The Limitanei